About the CEO, Sophie Stern

Sophie Stern, Lecturer about Data and Artificial Intelligence for the Big data event in Paris,
Sophie Stern, Lecturer about Data and Artificial Intelligence for the Big data event in Paris,

Sophie Stern,
Salon Big Data Paris

Whether you're a company director, data manager, innovation manager or business line manager, don't hesitate to contact me for any Data / AI strategic framing or reframing, to help you innovate new services or products, or to roll out change in your management committee or teams.

"I have had the chance to discover Artificial Intelligence before it became fashionable!"

I have cultivated during 20 years of professional experience within large groups and companies / firms of digital consulting a 3 key points expertise:

  • Data & AI Strategy and Organization;

  • Data & IA Innovation for Product and Process;

  • Transformation and Change Management.

I am an AI & Big Data Expert for the European Commission for several years.

Why DATAI consulting?


Data & AI - Consulting / Strategy / Organization / Innovation / Transformation


Each project on which DATAI consulting undertakes is adapted to the specific needs of the partner client: listening, 360° analysis, creativity and attention to detail.

High Standards

Applying methods and standards provides a framework.
They make it possible to organize thought, to present it in a formal and enlightened way.


You are the person best placed
to define your business challenges, also DATAI consulting will accompany you
by bringing the greatest care
in listening to you.

You are a CEO, a Chief Data Officer, a Data manager, a Business manager,
an Intelligence Artificial Leader,
... ?

Do you need support to define your Data strategy, your AI strategy?
To innovate, define new use cases? To assess the Data & AI maturity of your company?
To launch or reorient your company's Data/AI transformation?


DATAI consulting's DNA is to succeed in data-driven transformations for demanding sectors.
The DATAI consulting approach will always be results-oriented.

DATAI consulting brings you 20 years of expertise in Data & IA,
Innovation and Transformation.
With DATAI consulting,
from your business challenges to the transformation of your company,
all actions are based on
real experience acquired in the field.